Dedicated to supply & production of grain refiner AlTi5B1, AlTi5B0.6 in coils/cut rods 9.5mm diameter, aluminium master alloys AlFe20%, AlSr10%, AlTi10%, AlSi50% waffle, aluminium alloying additives, lingotes de magnesio metalico, magnesium metal 99,90%min, 99,95%min.

Welcome to Mindo Metal,

MINDO METAL COMPANY LIMITED is dedicated to manufacturing and supplying of quality aluminium based master alloy, smelters alloying elements/ additives, modifying agents for aluminium alloys production industry from 2004. We own a number of experienced, fine work of technical staffs and advanced production equipment, with activity throughout the aluminum/steel industry.

We focous on supplying following:
Pure/primary magnesium ingots, lingote de magnesio, mg 99.90%min ingot 7.5kg, 300g, 100g, 115kg T-bar etc.,
Grain refiner of aluminum alloys Titanio boro AlTi5B1, AlTi5B0.6, AlTi5B0,2 coils/sticks,
Aluminium master alloys element additives AlFe20%, AlTi5%10%, 50% aluminium silicon, AlSi50% waffle plate, modifying agent AlSr10% for foundry AlSi alloys.
Aluminium alloying additives tablets. Mn75Flux, Fe75Flux, Ti75Al tablets, balance aluminium.
Phosphor copper master alloys CuP15% waffle, shots / МЕДЬ ФОСФОРИСТАЯ,

Refinador TITANIO BORO en forma Rollo de alambre, Varillas, con 5%TITANIO y 1%BORO, código de color: Verde

Aleacion de aluminio estroncio en forma de Varillas 50 cm, 100cm,

Лигатура Алюминий-титан-бор (AlTiB), 5% Ti И 1% B,

Warehousing & prompt transport logistics

To better serve our clients home and abroad, we have set up acid wash facilities of pure magnesium and spacious warehouse neighboring to XinGang port,

and branch office in Tianjin. The demands of our clients are of prime importance & we have built a solid and enviable reputation by being a responsive supplier focusing on every aspect of the business.
We have been a customer-focused organization dedicated to supply the best products & trusted services to aluminium foundries, aluminium smelters, aluminium recycling/ secondary remelting plants in Pakistan, UAE, Japan, Korea, Europe, SouthAsia etc.

We are always available for inquiries and questions from our new and exist customers,
Your satisfaction is our success. Welcome to contact us for further understandings.